Thinking Of Selling Your Property?

Are you thinking of selling your property here on the Costa del Sol?
Whether it’s your primary residence or a holiday home, we are here to help!

Here are our top 5 tips for the smoothest property selling experience possible.

1. Choose the right Real Estate Agency for you

There is such a wide choice of estate agencies to work with, especially here in Marbella. Real Estate here works very differently to in many other areas of the World, here most sales are collaborative – One agent for the seller and one agent for the buyer. When you are choosing the estate agency that that you would like to sell your property with, there are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure your Estate Agency know the market and the area of your property.
  • With shared listings easy to come by here, you need to look for a team or representative that has some stability.
  • How long have they been here in Spain?
  • How long have they been working in real estate in Spain?
  • Do they know of similar properties to yours? Can they straight away spot the selling points, without you needing to tell them?

    Also, you need to think about if you’d like to work with a multi-office company or a boutique agency, there are positives to both:
  • If you opt for a larger company with multiple offices, it is likely they are a more recognized name. They may have more walk in enquiries as they have multiple locations, but they will also have more properties – so your property may not necessarily be within their recommendations. Their changeover of staff may also be higher meaning your client experience may change.
  • If you decide on a smaller scale company, it of course needs to be one that is well established and have a good knowledge of the local area. With a smaller team, you will likely find that all most members of staff know most listings well. If the “listing agent” isn’t available, there will likely be a sales agent, or administration staff who can still provide detailed information if an enquiry comes in.

  • 2. Presentation of your Property

    The vast majority of buyers like somewhat of a blank canvas when viewing property. Of course keeping your property clean and “ready to view” is important but also tidying away any unnecessary clutter can make a huge difference. Keep rooms neutral where possible and create a homely environment. That “feel” comes when a client can envisage themselves living in the property.

    3. Qualified Viewings

    If the home you are selling is your primary residence, then ensuring that viewings are qualified is important not just for the sale, but also your sanity. Anyone, who has recently sold a property, will tell you that keeping everything “perfect” for viewings and scheduling your life to other peoples’ convenience can be exhausting.

    While your real estate agents should be doing what they can to qualify enquiries before they trouble you to arrange a viewing, there are some things you can do to help too:

  • Provide accurate information.
  • Communicate timings that are preferred and when you prefer to avoid.
  • Allow the estate agency access for updated photography, video and virtual tours if requested.
  • Provide a floor plan, energy certificate and any other details your estate agency requests.

  • 4. Key Holding

    If the property you are selling is not your primary residence, or if you are planning to be away, providing the estate agent with a key will allow easy access for viewings. It is surprising how much stating that an agency has “keys in the office” will boost viewings. For other agents it makes arranging joint viewings easy and for direct clients it means viewings can be arranged at a time that suits them with no other timing restraints to consider.

    5. Be Honest

    Your real estate agent to client relationship must be honest. If there’s a fundamental issue with the property; a noisy neighbour or a impending build that’s going to block out the view, please communicate this to your estate agency. It is important they know your property as if it were their own so they can answer confidently and more important so that when a sale takes place, it completes without any unwelcome surprises.

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