Christmas Time in Marbella 2023

Christmas Time in Marbella 2023

Christmas festivities are coming to Marbella, with lots of great events starting this week!

Here is the official Christmas Programme from the Ayuntamiento de Marbella translated in to English:

Friday 1st December

18.30 H. Parade (Pasacalles) “Caramelos” (Sweeties) it's journey will being in Plaza de Santa Cristo and follow this itinerary: c/ Ancha, c/ Peral, c/ Huerta Chica, avenida Ramón y Cajal, avenida Miguel Cano, c/ Acera de la Marina, c/ Padre José Vera, paseo marítimo, avenida Miguel Cano, avenida Ramón y Cajal (until the end of the Flashmob), continuing to calle Huerta Chica, calle Peral, calle Ancha and finishing in plaza Santo Cristo

20.30 H. Turning on of the Christmas Lights on Avenida Ramón y Cajal

Followed by Turning on of the Lights and Flamenco Show by the Manuel Lombo

Saturday 2nd December

12.00 H. Neighbour's Day and Paella Popular to be held in the children's park of Bariiada Plaza de Toros, also a small surprise childrens' party.

20.30 H.Inauguration of the Nativity Scene María Rosa Duvige situated in the Church of Calvario.

Tuesday 5th December

18.30 H. Inauguration of the Municipal Nativity Scene located in Alameda

Wednesday 6th December

13.00 H. Informal Gathering/Celebration (Zambomba) in plaza de los Infantes de la Bariiada Plaza de Toros. Including guitar playing, flamenco and paella at "Popular" price.

Thursday 7th December

19.00 H. Flamenco Gathering (Zambomba) Leganitos

Friday 8th December

16:30 H. Afternoon Donuts in Paseo de Alameda with speaking from local pastors

17:00 H. Afternoon Donuts in Avenida El Barrio, Calle Sol

Saturday 9th December

12.30 H. Flamenco Zambomba Christmas Show on Paseo de la Alameda with donations to AVOI children's charity.

17:00 H Inauguration Nativity Scene "Belén en Marbella", by A.VV. El Calvario Huerta Belón on c/ Jacinto Benavente

Sunday 10th December

17:00 H Organ Concert Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnacion

Tuesday 12th December

20:30 H Christmas Concert Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnacion

Thursday 14th December

17.00 H. Christmas Parade (Pasacalles de Navidad) “The Arrival of Father Christmas” which will honour the inauguration of this grotto installed on Paseo de la Alameda, accompanied by musical performance. This parade will fill the hearts of children with happiness and excitement for the magic of Christmas.

Itinerary: Starting in plaza Santo Cristo, c/ Ancha, c/ Chorrón, c/ Portada, c/Arte, plaza Puente Málaga, avenida Nabeul, c/ Marqués de Nájera, plaza Practicante Manuel Cantos, c/ Tetuán, c/ Enrique del Castillo, c/ Francisco Echamendi, plaza África, c/ Forteza, c/ Pedraza, plaza de la Victoria, c/ Estación, plaza de los naranjos, c/ Nueva, c/ Francisco Echamendi, plaza África, c/ África y paseo de la Alameda.

The opening of the grotto will follow the ending of the parade.

Finally there will be a childrens show with entertainment “Juega la Navidad” taking place on paseo de la Alameda.

All children that wish to hand in their letters to Santa may do so at the following times:

  • 15th December - 17.00 to 20.30 h.
  • 16th & 17th December - 11.00 to 13.30 h. / 17.00 to 20.30 h.
  • 18th December - 17.00 to 20.30 h.
  • From 19th to 21st December- 11:00 - 13:30h / 17.00 to 20.30 h.
  • 22nd December - 17.00 to 20.30 h.
  • 23rd December - 11:00 - 13:30h / 17.00 to 20.30 h.
  • 24th December - 11.00 to 13:30 h.

*There will be arranged visits for local schools between 18th-20th December.


Friday 15th December

17.00 H. Benefit Gathering in El Rocío de Marbella, at the Casa Hermandad situated in plaza de Toros, Marbella.

17.30 H. Christmas Merienda  El Mirador de la Torrecilla, with visit from Santa Claus and churros with chocolate

18.30 H. Celebration of Chocolate organized by A.VV. Las Albarizas taking place at the square on calle Magallanes.

19.00 H. Christmas Gala of Marbella taking place at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos Adolfo Suárez.

Saturday 16th December

12.00 H. Small Gathering with Flamenco dancing at parque de La Represa.

12.00 H. Route of the Elfs organizes by Paclomar and the delegacion de comercio in Plaza de la Victoria

16.30 H. Pastoral Recital in the chapel of Santo Cristo with the following activities:

Pastoral Parade with the following itinerary: Salida plaza Santo Cristo, c/ San Francisco, c/ Alcantarilla, c/ Lobatas, c/ Portada, c/ Arte, c/ Salinas, c/ Trinidad, plaza de la Iglesia, c/ Carmen, plaza General Chinchilla, plaza de los Naranjos, c/ Estación, plaza de la Victoria, c/ Huerta Chica, c/ Peral, plaza Puente Ronda, c/ Ancha finalizando en la plaza de Santo Cristo.

Attending will be: Pastoral de Mayores de Marbella, Pastoral del Barbero, Rondalla pastores de la Bajadilla, Pastoral los Palmitos de Moclinejo, Pastoral los Bataneros, Pastoral de Frigiliana, Pastoral El Ángel y Rondalla los Aldeanos.

Churros with chocolate for all attending.

Sunday 17th December

12.00 H.  Benefit Gathering “Los Nocheros” at plaza Santo Cristo

Monday 18th December

18.00 H. Christmas Gala for Radiolé at the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella

Tuesday 19th December

20.30 H. Christmas Concert at Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.

Wednesday 20th December

17.00 H. Christmas Chocolate Challenge La Patera 2023 en el parque de Calle Juanar with chocolate tasting and numerous other surprises

19.30 H. Christmas Concert at Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.

Thursday 21st December

19.30 H. Christmas Concert at Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.

Friday 22nd December

17.00 H.  Childrens' snacks at A.VV. El Barrio, calle Sol, con la visita de Papá Noel.

18.00 H. Small Christmas Gathering at avenida Nabeul. Participants include: Zambomba Los Piratas flamencos, Zambomba con Aires de Belén, Zambomba Gloria Bendita, Coro los del patio, Zambomba flamenca Los Nocheros, Zambomba Ana Cabello & Marina Jiménez con los Chiris y Zambomba Coro Rociero Sierra Blanca.

19.30 H. Christmas Concert at Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación y Órgano en la Parroquia Nuestra
Señora de la Encarnación.

Saturday 23rd December

17.00 H. Children's party at plaza González Badía.

18.00 H.  Father Christmas does a journey of the streets following this order: Leaving from Boulevard Pablo Ráez en c/ José Manuel Vallés, c/ Fray Luis de San Pascual, c/ Alfredo Palma, avenida General López Domínguez,

Sunday 24th December

19:00 Christmas Church Mass at Parroquia de la Encarnación.

Tuesday 26th December

12.00 H.  Show of Mimosín at Church square, plaza de la Iglesia.

From 27th December to 4th January

Opening of the Magic Christmas Park "Parque Mágico de Navidad" installed in the sports complex Antonio Serrano Lima, football pitch Jesús Cortés “Pori” which will have countless opportunities for fun such as: synthetic ice rink, Christmas train, inflatable attractions or sliding slide. It will have the following timetable:

  • 27th December: 16.00 a 20.00 horas
  • 28th to 30th December: 11.00 a 14.00 horas/ 16.00 a 20.00 horas
  • 31st December: 11.00 a 14.00 horas
  • 1st January: Cerrado
  • 2nd, 3rd & 4th January: 11.00 a 14.00 horas/ 16.00 a 20.00 horas
  • 5th January: 11.00 a 13:30 horas

Wednesday 27th December

11.00 H Opening of the Casa del Cartero Real (Royal Postman's House) in Paseo de la Alameda.

All children who wish to do so can hand in their letters on the following days and at the following times:

  • From 27th-30th December -11.00 a 13.30 h / 17.00 a 20.30 h.
  • 31st December - 11.00 a 13.30 h
  • 1st January closed
  • From 2nd-4th January - 11.00 a 13.30 h / 17.00 a 20.30 h.
  • 5th January - 11.00 a 13.30 h

Thursday 28th December

12.00 H.
Show de Magia en la plaza de la Victoria, organizado por la
asociación plataforma de comerciantes (Paclomar) y la Delegación de Comercio.
18.00 H.
Día del chocolate con churros en la plaza González Badía
organizada por la A.VV. Vázquez Clavel Pilar Miraflores.

Friday 29th December

12.00 H. Flamenco show
17.00 H. Royal Postman visits la Capilla de la Pollinica to accept cards from all of the children

Saturday 30th December

11.30 H. - Mini New Years Celebration  Children's party with grapes, countdown and entertainment

Thursday 4th January

17.00 H. Parade of the Royal Guard of SSMM Los Reyes Magos de Oriente, with the following route: plaza de los Naranjos con recibimiento de las autoridades municipales, c/ Estación, plaza de la Victoria, c/ Huerta Chica, avenida Ramón y Cajal. avenida Severo Ochoa, avenida Nabeul, plaza Puente Málaga, c/ Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno, c/ Arte, c/ Salinas, c/ Trinidad y plaza de la Iglesia.

Afterwards, a reception in the Plaza de la Iglesia, where the keys to the city will be handed over to Their Majesties. The Three Wise Men will then spend the night at the Marbella Castle to prepare for the parade on 5th January.

18.30 H. Don't forget that you can drop off your letters at the Casa Hermandad El Rocío (Plaza de Toros), where the Royal Postman and many surprises await you.

Friday 5th January

11.00 H. Visit from SSMM Los Reyes Magos de Oriente to the hospitals.

18.00 H. Parade - Cabalgata de SSMM Los Reyes Magos de Oriente, with the following route: avenida Severo Ochoa (edif. La Zambomba), avenida Ramón y Cajal, avenida Ricardo Soriano y finaliza en plaza Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra (Pirulí). Contará con la participación de la Agrupación Musical Marbella.

The Delegación de Fiestas reserves the right to cancel, modify or extend any of the scheduled events when circumstances so require.

Please note there may be changes to the above schedule that are beyond our control, but we hope you enjoy this magical time here in Marbella and cherish the moments leading to Christmas and Kings Day.

Remember to save this post to favourites so you can keep track of what is going on each day here in Marbella over the festive season!

Please click here for the full Christmas Programme by Ayuntamiento de Marbella (in Spanish)

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