Spanish Constitution Day 2023

Spanish Constitution Day 2023

December 6th becomes an important and joyous occasion as we turn the pages of history aside and proudly raise the Spanish flag. Spanish Constitution Day commemorates the historic occasion in 1978 when the people of Spain, in a show of unanimity, overwhelmingly accepted their constitution in a historic referendum. Let's examine the meaning of this national event and consider the values that unite our diverse country as we come closer to Constitution Day in 2023.

Cultural Celebrations:

In addition to its constitutional significance, Constitution Day is a national holiday marked by lively cultural events. Communities unite to celebrate their shared Spanish history through parades, flag-waving rituals, and educational programs that highlight the fundamentals of the constitution. Indulge in regional celebrations, go to occasions, and take part in events that pay tribute to the day.

Looking Forward:

With tomorrow marking the starting of the popular december “puente” with bank holidays both wednesday 6th and friday 8th, most people also taking off thursday 7th.


Spanish Constitution Day is more than a date on the calendar; it's a celebration of our shared history, the embodiment of democratic ideals, and a testament to the resilience of the Spanish people. As we honor this day in 2023, let's cherish the values that bind us together and strive for a future where democracy continues to flourish. Happy Constitution Day, Spain!

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